ALL ABOUT SUPER JUNIOR [TREASURE WITHIN US] 6 Disc with 378 min run time , 10 Special Color Postcards + poster 50,000원

All about Super Junior : TREASURE WITHIN US DVD will be subtitled in English

‘All about Super Junior : TREASURE WITHIN US’ 주요내용
▶ DVD1 Super-Playing ? Super Junior : The Extraordinary Vacation Super Junior’s vacation that is a bit, or perhaps very different from usual! Super Junior received a vacation after a long time, so they went to a hotel in the city but… Who are they! They are the masters of variety that don’t know how to rest! Fun party time with fun games and talk! The one that gets tired is ‘it’~~
▶ DVD2 Super-Tour - The Tour Behind : Mission Impossible Behind the stage variety that happened in the midst of Super Show 4 World Tour! Who is the member that was pranked? and absurd missions! Eunhyuk-ee has changed~~ - The Tour Behind : RanKing The top of the rankings, chosen by Super Junior! Super Junior’s ranking that makes you more curious about the best (most) last-placed than the most first-placed! - The Tour Behind : Super Junior TV Surprise attack at hotel rooms during Super Junior’s tour! Super Junior members revealed it themselves by holding the camera! Fun and enjoyable members’ assembly at night!
▶ DVD3 Super-Portrait - All About Super Junior : Black & White “All About Super Junior’s Photoshoot” Camera attacked the location! Members’ stylish photoshoot with ‘black and white’ concept will be revealed!
Super-Cooking - Chef : The Art of Cooking Cooking battle between the three nations of Super Junior! What is the real cooking skills of Super Junior, who proclaimed themselves as the ‘King of Cooking’ in Korea? Super Junior jumped into a cooking battle with special recipes they learned in Korea-Taiwan-Japan! Who will be the final winner?
Super-Talking - The Healing Junior From debut to the top of K-POP, Super Junior members shared happiness and sadness! They need healing time! Honest conversation time they needed. Records of the cool day that was full of consolation words and warm affectionate words!
Super-Episode - The party for 7th Anniversary 7th Anniversary Party location! ELF from all over the world gathered to celebrate Super Junior’s 7th anniversary! Fun time with Super Junior and ELF as one!
▶ DVD4 Super-Making film - History of Super Junior, Volume1 History of Super Junior’s splendid debut to today! Videos of each moment will be revealed! Releasing the first music video recording location, first debut location, and never before revealed filming locations… Super Junior Making Film Volume that you can see members from early era!!
▶ DVD5 Super-Making film - History of Super Junior, Volume2 Super Junior’s decisive hit! Starting with Sorry Sorry, they grew to be a global K-POP group. Their activities have been included in ‘Volume 2’! Super Junior -M activities, new music video filming locations, etc. Super Junior Making Film Volume 2!
▶ DVD6 SBS TV Entertainment Collection Collection of SBS shows Super Junior appeared on SBS Inkigayo, Gayo Daejun, etc

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Hyukjae’s thumbs mindlessly scratch at the flight ticket that lies heavily in his hand. He breathes in slowly and exhales. The turtleneck covering his mouth growing warm with his breath. He leans his head against the wall and his bangs shake before resuming their position, covering his right eye.

His eyes are blank, void of emotion. His outfit, all black, reflects his mood.


Something his life has been like for while now.

Hyukjae blinks, and before his eyelids an image appears. It’s of him. It’s always him.

Donghae,’ Hyukjae whispers the name of the man who lingers in his mind. The name leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.

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슈퍼주니어 (SuperJunior) - All About Super Junior [TREASURE WITHIN US]

'All About Super Junior “TREASURE WITHIN US” DVD PREVIEW' Price: 25000 won Released Date: 7/21 

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